December 13, 2019

How Mobile Friendly Design Helps in Improving Business Sales?

The website of any business is highly important nowadays. It assures the online presence of the business and companies try best to create an effective online presence. As this is the era of mobile users where people are more likely to use their smartphones for internet surfing. They reach business websites using their smartphone screens because it is convenient. This is why a website should be mobile friendly as well. Followings are the ways how a mobile-friendly website helps in improving the business image.

The best way to opt for this is through the use of responsive web design. It is a design that says that design should be responding to the user’s behaviour and environment depending on the size of the screen and orientation. So a responsive website is easy to fit and change the styles according to the user screen. When a website is not responsive, it does not deliver user satisfaction. It does not behave in a user-friendly way. When someone visits a site from their mobile phone, they expect it to be as impressive as it was on the desktop screen. But results are opposite of it if a business has not opted for responsive web design.

“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” -Milton Glaser

A non-responsive website has an unmanaged menu, and icons are floating almost everywhere. It is very frustrating to deal with such a site for the users. They leave the site quickly when they get no required information or whatever they are looking for. On the other hand, if a website is responsive, then it can help in improving business sales in the following ways.

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Responsive web design looks great. It will simply attract traffic what will result in increased sales ultimately. Having a responsive or mobile-friendly website design means users will get the same website experience as on the desktop screen. A mobile-friendly design adjusts icons, menu, content, and so on automatically according to the mobile screen. So it means users will stay on site, search the information easily and get them whatever they seek. It will result in happy users, and ultimately, they would love to buy a service or product.

In short, when people won’t get frustrated; instead, they feel impressed with a site, they will trust the brand image as well. This way, there is no fear of losing mobile phones users from visiting a site and purchasing products & services. A mobile-friendly website provides better results in Search Engine Optimization. Search engines like Google are more likely to permit such sites in the top rankings than non-responsive websites. It means it will generate better traffic than non-responsive sites. It will eventually increase sales. When people get good experiences by visiting a site, it increased the chances of them returning a site and purchasing products and services from that business. The non-responsive website does not provide a pleasant, so can a business expect mobile users to be their customers? In a nutshell, a mobile-friendly site improves the business sales because of the happy users it creates.

How Mobile Friendly Design Helps in Improving Business Sales?

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